The corporate culture of Dingchi International:

Striving for integrity and galloping across the five states

A culture of collective hard work and struggle

Result oriented culture

A culture guided by customer value

Efficient and pragmatic culture

Eliminate the culture of office politics and bureaucratic style

A culture where the collective interests of enterprises come first and individual interests retreat

A corporate culture of fair, just, and free competition

【 Company Mission 】 ◆ Striving for integrity and galloping across the five states

【 Company Vision 】 ◆ Become a dark horse in the industry

【 Business philosophy 】 ◆ down-to-earth, innovative research, and mutual benefit.

【 Service tenet 】 ◆ Customer first, honest operation, and professional service.

【 Talent Concept 】 ◆ Morality and Talent x Consciousness x Execution Power x Corporate Culture Identification.

[Work Policy] ◆ Professional, meticulous, proactive, and efficient.

Dingchi International Corporate Values

Responsible for professionalism and open innovation!

Team spirit and respect for customers!

Share growth and continue to surpass!