The core competitive advantages of Dingchi International ( are mainly concentrated in the Sino-US shipping, air shipping, US-Canada air and sea delivery, as well as Mexico air and sea package tax, traditional air freight point to point, DDU to door, and combined with its own advantages, concentric and diversified development of four express agent accounts in Hong Kong, Europe special line, international shipping Hanqing to

Door, European railway, one-stop for customers to solve the import and export goods logistics needs. Be the closest international freight forwarder that customers need most.

In response to the company's vision of reducing the burden on enterprises and ensuring the growth of foreign trade, our company provides surcharge free services for oversized products (molds, furniture, pallet goods, led electronics, fragile products wooden box packaging) enterprises to provide double clear bag tax oversized services to solve the pain points of traditional air and sea surcharges and can not reduce transportation costs. We are willing to share our import and export logistics experience in the past 10 years with our customers to increase the intimacy, professionalism, credibility and American police between us and customers. Only with this pure altruistic mentality, we will win more recognition from our potential customers and increase the double order rate of our new and old customers.

Because of dedication, so professional, I believe that our team, I believe that our culture can edify every young individual with a high thirst for knowledge, step by step to share the joy of success with customers. Let more customers witness your growth.