How to calculate export tax rebates for foreign trade

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How to calculate export tax rebates for foreign trade? Nowadays, export tax rebates have become an important trade tax item, and the most important point is the main source of profits. If it is a product export, this part can be refunded to the foreign trade merchant according to the process without being collected or already collected. Currently, the tax refund methods for foreign trade export goods include "first collection and then refund" and "exemption, offset, and refund".

The calculation of export tax rebate, "pre tax and post tax", refers to the situation where production enterprises self operate or entrust agents to export goods, all of which are first taxed according to the tax rate stipulated in the Provisional Regulations on Value Added Tax, and then the tax authority in charge of export tax rebate business approves the tax rebate according to the prescribed tax rebate rate within the national export tax rebate plan. How to calculate export tax rebates for foreign trade? The following is the basis for calculating export tax refunds:

The "pre tax and post tax" method calculates the amount of tax to be refunded based on the current offshore price of exported goods multiplied by the foreign exchange RMB exchange rate for export tax refund.

"FOB price" (written as FOB price in English) is the price of goods delivered on board the ship at the port of loading, but this delivery price is symbolic delivery, which means that the seller hands over the necessary shipping documents to the buyer to collect payment according to the contract. The risk division between the buyer and the seller is based on the loading of the goods on the ship. Therefore, the FOB price is the responsibility of the buyer to rent the ship, book the space, handle insurance, and pay the freight premium.

The most commonly used conversion methods for FOB, CFR, and CIF prices are as follows:

FOB price=CFR price - freight cost=CIF price x (1-insurance premium x insurance rate) - freight cost. Therefore, if a company uses the landed price as the basis for export transactions, after the goods leave the country, the foreign freight, insurance commission, and financial expenses incurred by the company should be deducted; If the transaction is made at CFR price, the shipping fee should be deducted.

How to calculate export tax rebates for foreign trade? The following is the calculation method for export tax refund:

1. General trade

(1) Calculation formula for export tax rebate: Current tax payable=Output tax amount of domestic sales for the current period+Offshore price of exported goods for the current period x RMB exchange rate x Tax rate - Current total input tax payable for the current period=Offshore price of exported goods x RMB exchange rate x Tax refund rate. (2) Explanation of the above export tax rebate calculation formula: Where is the first international logistics service e-commerce trading platform in China, providing one-stop online international logistics comprehensive services such as sea freight booking, towing, customs declaration, warehouse loading, and freight insurance for foreign trade enterprises and manufacturers, helping enterprises effectively reduce logistics costs and improve logistics management efficiency.

① The current input tax includes all domestic purchases of materials, water and electricity expenses, transportation expenses that are allowed to be deducted, and input tax that can be deducted according to tax laws, such as value-added tax collected by customs on behalf of the current period.

② The foreign exchange rate of RMB should be determined according to two methods stipulated in the financial system, namely the daily rate announced by the state or the average rate at the beginning and end of the month. Once the calculation method is determined, the enterprise cannot change it within a tax year.

③ When the actual sales revenue of the enterprise is inconsistent with the amount recorded on the foreign exchange verification form and the export goods report, the tax authority shall levy taxes based on the larger amount and refund taxes based on the amount recorded on the export goods declaration form.

④ If the taxable amount is less than zero, it shall be carried forward to the next period to offset the taxable amount.