Notice on Adjusting the Management Mode of Cross border Freight Cars between Guangdong and Hong Kong

Date:2024-04-19 Reading:

Regarding the adjustment of cross-border trucks between Guangdong and Hong Kong

Announcement of management mode

In order to coordinate epidemic prevention and control with economic and social development, ensure the supply of daily necessities to Hong Kong, and ensure the safety and stability of the industrial and supply chains, through communication between the governments of Guangdong and Hong Kong, the management mode of cross-border trucks in Guangdong and Hong Kong has been optimized and adjusted.

一、Transportation mode adjustment: Starting from midnight on December 12, 2022, cross-border truck transportation between Guangdong and Hong Kong will be adjusted to a "point-to-point" transportation mode.

二、Strictly schedule assignments: Cross border drivers can make an appointment through the "Cross border Security" system to declare the information of the current entry operation before entering the country. Each declaration is valid for the current entry, and a new declaration is required for re entry. In principle, entry and return on the same day. If it is necessary to stay overnight in Guangdong Province, the designated accommodation point must be declared in the "Cross border Security" system before entering the country.

三、Entry epidemic prevention requirements: Cross border drivers undergo nucleic acid and antigen testing on the Hong Kong side of the port, and travel to Guangdong with a negative nucleic acid and antigen test result; Upon entering the country with a negative nucleic acid test result issued within 48 hours on the Guangdong Health Code, routine nucleic acid testing can be conducted on the Guangdong side of the port. Positive cross-border drivers are not allowed to enter the country within 8 days from the date of diagnosis.

四、Health management measures: Cross border drivers are assigned a yellow Guangdong health code upon entry, and undergo closed-loop management throughout the entire process, wearing N95/KN95 medical masks.

五、Punish violations:Cross border drivers who violate laws, regulations, and epidemic prevention and control measures within Guangdong Province will have their work qualifications suspended. If the circumstances are serious, legal responsibility shall be pursued in accordance with the law.

The above measures will be adjusted in a timely manner according to changes in national epidemic prevention and control measures.