The German general strike resulted in traffic paralysis

Date:2024-04-19 Reading:

According to foreign media reports, on March 27th local time, against the backdrop of Germany's predicament caused by soaring inflation, service industry unions and railway and transportation unions in Germany called on hundreds of thousands of union members nationwide to participate in a strike.

It is understood that this is the largest national strike in Germany in nearly 30 years, with over 300000 people participating. Affected by the strike, trains and long-distance buses across Germany have ceased operation, and transportation has been paralyzed.


In terms of air transportation, except for Berlin Airport, most airports in Germany ceased operations on the same day.

According to CCTV reports, on the day of the strike at Frankfurt Airport (FRA), the usually bustling airport terminals became very deserted, and all check-in counters of airlines were closed. The airport screen displayed that all flights departing on that day had been cancelled. It is understood that the travel of millions of passengers was affected on that day.

As is well known, Germany is a major hub in the European aviation industry, and Frankfurt Airport is one of the busiest airports in Europe, where many flights to other European countries are transshipped. Affected by the strike in Germany, a large number of flights from Germany to Austria have been cancelled, and railways connecting Germany and other countries have also been forced to reduce or cancel operations.


Affected by the strike in Germany, multiple domestic flights to Europe have been forced to cancel recently, temporarily affecting the air freight market。According to statistics, the flights of the following airlines have been temporarily cancelled, and goods exported by air to Germany or transferred from Germany to Europe will be delayed.

Air China (CA): Shanghai Pudong Frankfurt International Airport (FRA)

Temporary cancellation of flight: March 26th,Flight CA8401.

According to the plan, March 26thFlight CA8401Pan to March 27thFlight CA1021,March 27thFlight CA1021Pan to March 28thFlight CA1047,March 28thFlight CA1047Pan to March 29thFlight CA1041。The original plan was for March 29thFlight CA1014Cancellation of booking cargo。

Lufthansa (LH): Shanghai Pudong Frankfurt International Airport (FRA)

On March 27th, LH733 flight was cancelled, LH8401 flight was delayed, and on March 28th, LH8401 flight was cancelled. Due to flight cancellations and delays, there will be some delays in the export of goods on March 27th and 28th. We kindly ask all shippers and freight forwarders to pay attention in a timely manner.

Türkiye Airlines (TK): Shanghai Pudong Frankfurt International Airport (FRA)

According to the airline's statement, the affected flights include: TK6527 flight on March 29th, TK6481 flight on March 31st, and TK6483 flight on April 2nd.

Qatar Airways (QR): Shanghai Pudong Frankfurt International Airport (FRA)

Temporary cancellation of flights: Flights on March 27th and March 29th will be cancelled, waiting for flights on April 2nd.

CMA CGM AIR CARGO (2C Airlines): Shanghai Pudong Charles de Gaulle International Airport (CDG)

According to the notice issued by 2C, all flights on March 28th and 30th have been cancelled, awaiting further notice. Therefore, all incoming goods will be temporarily suspended.

In addition, according to media reports, Munich Airport, Germany's second largest airport, will hold a two-day strike starting from March 26th local time, and flights for these two days will be suspended, affecting a total of 1500 flights.


The strike not only affected Germany's aviation market, but also affected the country's railways, public transportation, highways, and ports, leading to the paralysis of Germany's transportation and public transportation systems.

DENZ reminds you that if there is an urgent need to transport goods to Europe in the near future, you should try to avoid Germany and arrange other transportation plans in advance.