Export customs declaration agent

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Professional agent for container export customs declaration at various ports in Shenzhen:

1. Wenjindu, Huanggang, Yantian, and Shekou have customs officers and have good relationships with local customs. There is a dedicated person responsible for receiving, reviewing, pre recording, and customs clearance, and they will contact customers every day after customs clearance, eliminating all worries for customers.

2. Bulk Warehouse: (Shenzhen)

Sungang Waiyun Warehouse, Qingshuihe Jinyunda, South China Logistics Warehouse (Bada Warehouse), Yantian Bonded Warehouse and other warehouses.

3. Shenzhen Airport and Guangzhou Airport: Provide export bill of lading customs declaration and import bill of lading customs declaration or documentary customs declaration services.

4. Handling customs clearance documents on behalf of others

1. General Certificate of Origin (C/O), Generalized System of Preferences Certificate of Origin (FORM A), Chilean Certificate of Origin (FORM F), ASEAN Free Trade Area Preferential Certificate of Origin (FORM E).

2. C/O, FORM A, invoices, contracts, certificates, etc. signed by embassies of various countries.

3. Preferential and fast processing of fumigation/disinfection certificates

Materials to be provided for customs clearance: proof of delivery. If the customer has a customs declaration document, they should provide: a draft paper customs declaration form, invoice, packing list, contract, customs declaration and inspection authorization letter each; Please provide the invoice and packing list of the electronic board for customs clearance upon purchase. Note: Customs clearance time: usually 3 working days. If there is any warehouse rent generated, the customer will bear it themselves