international air transport

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According to the customer's commission, before shipping overseas, the foreign agent company shall send the waybill, flight, quantity, weight, product name, actual recipient and other addresses, contact phone numbers, and other information to the destination agent company for air freight import. And assist clients in reviewing various lists and approvals provided by clients; Prepare various types of documents; Booking and customs declaration work, and handling import customs declaration, taxation, transshipment, delivery and other agency services in China.

■ Import air freight operation process

1. Receiving orders

Provide cargo information: product name, quantity, weight, box size, destination port and consignee name, address, phone number, shipment time, shipper name, phone number, address, and prepare a consignment letter to the freight forwarder.

2. Handover note/goods

When air cargo enters the country, documents related to the cargo also arrive randomly, and the freight forwarder declares to the customs based on the relevant information.

3. tallying and warehousing

After the goods are delivered to the relevant cargo terminal, the freight forwarder will create a main label and sub label based on the airline's waybill number, which will be affixed to the goods for easy identification by the cargo owner, freight forwarder, cargo station, customs, airline, inspection, and consignee at the port of origin and destination.

4. Delivery

After completing the customs declaration, inspection and other procedures, the shipper must rent an import delivery note stamped with the customs release seal, animal and plant inspection seal, and health quarantine inspection seal to the supervised warehouse for paid pickup, or arrange for delivery to the designated location by the freight forwarding company according to the client's needs.

5. Fees

The warehouse of the freight forwarding company generally collects the fees before distributing the goods. Including: documentation, customs clearance fees; Storage fees; Loading and unloading, forklift fees; Airline inbound storage fees; Customs pre entry, animal and plant inspection, health inspection and other collection and payment agents; Tariffs and advance commissions, etc.